Saturday, 19 October 2013

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia Controversial Photos in Bacolod Goes Viral

After a month or two of the surprising break ups, a shocking and mysterious photos of a sweet couple  goes viral in social networking sites and celebrity forums. A popular gossip and entertainment blog posted a partially blurred "blind item photo" of these two celebrities.  Netizens believes that the images  is the Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia  controversial photos in Bacolod Showtime's dugout. blog post" Spotted busy caressing his girl at dugout Bacolod" earned hundreds of comments and guesses.

If you will read the comments section, you will see that majority of the commentator believed that the mysterious celebrities are  " C " and " B " which allegedly  Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford's initials.

We did a little research on Google to find the truth about the alleged photos of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. And the result, surprised us. 

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford Dugout party in Bacolod
picture source here

If you can still remember, Billy Crawford's reason why he broke up with ex girlfriend Nikki Gill is that the ABS-CBN Showtime host wants to find himself.

You decide, do you think Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford have a secret affair, or just super close friend? Share your opinions here.