Friday, 21 March 2014

Jam Sebastian of Jamich Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Youtube Sensation Jam Sebastian of  Jamich has been diagnosed with cancer of the lungs

"Not everything will go as you expect with your life", this is what happened to Jam Sebastian of Jamich where he has been diagnosed with lung  cancer few days ago. At first , they thought that  it was just a simple cough and an acute asthma but the result of the recent CT Scan revealed that Jam  has a lump in his respiratory organ.

At young age, Jam was diagnosed with  lung cancer, a medical condition wherein an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of tissues in the lungs are present.  Thanks to the continuous support of his loving friends, family and most specially  Michelle , the girl who never left his side and never gets tired of  loving and taking care of him.  His girlfriend stays at his side giving him courage and made him strong.

He was very  thankful to his brother Yexel for supporting him on his condition and for helping him with all his  medical expenses amounting P20,000.00 a day.

"20k a day for 4 months para sa pagpapagaling sa cancer ko. Kung iisipin ko "stress" na agad at ang stress ang mabilis magpahina ng tao. Saan ko kukuhain yung ganun kalaki pero inako lahat ni Kuya Yexel Sebastian Nung nalaman niya na may sakit ako, sinabi niya na agad na wag ko isipin ang gastos kahit piso at siya bahala sa lahat. Limited lang ang pera ni Kuya pero lagi siyang gagawa ng paraan kasi unlimited naman daw si Lord. " Jam said on his social media account.

  Jam also  posted on  his instagram that he will undergo treatment for the next four months.

The Jamich love team (Jam Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu ) is well known in their youtube channel about love and relationship and also a real life couple. They Earned 72 million views that leads them to popularity and fame.

They started out as friends and became lovers, most popularly known as Jamich. They became famous when they posted the video of their short film BY CHANCE on Youtube. Many liked their story and became their loyal fans.

In December 2011, they appeared on tv “Gandang Gabi Vice” hosted by Vice Ganda. They also made guest appearance on Kris TV wherein they shared their love story.

News update: Michelle Ligayu Proposed to Jam Sebastian. Watch the Jamich Wedding Proposal Video

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